May 2021    Coaching Client

“I have been in therapy most of my adult life and recognize the benefits of getting help. Therapy was very helpful for me, but I felt I had hit a wall in terms of getting any further benefits from it.

When I was approached to sign up for a 12-week workshop with my Life Coach, I was all-in for a new growth experience!

What I didn’t expect was how transformative it would be. I have been given tools to help me with my day-to-day life FINALLY!

Shirley’s coaching gave me tangible things that I can do when in crisis which has transformed me as a person. I can now see situations with such clarity. I am able to reflect maturely on what’s happening around me and within me. I feel more in control of myself, but even more so I feel like I know and love myself in a way I haven’t found until now.”


April 2021      Coaching Client

The perception from the outside for years has been that I seemed to have everything in order – a great job, awesome family, friends, active lifestyle, etc. It was unbelievably frustrating to keep up the façade daily of pleasing others, juggling everything, and being happy or satisfied about every aspect of my life. Unplanned and unexpectedly, Shirley approached me about considering investing in my self-care.  Our sessions finally shed some light on parts of my life that I had somehow tucked away in a box. Through our discussions, the homework, and her guided affirmations we completed, she has changed how I process and interact in different facets of my life. I am able to apply what she’s taught me in my day-to-day life.

” Shirley has helped me to learn that my negative and positive experiences have helped to shape me and that I should embrace them and dispel the feeling of being afraid or ashamed of the negative. I feel more comfortable to confront the negative self-doubt and work through to a place of strength. I have found it most helpful being able to explore these feelings enough to see clearly “what is behind it”, and then being able to assess a remedy or change strategy. I feel that I am “coming into my own” to guide growth in a healthy direction focused on self-care and self-love.

I was really comfortable around Shirley and didn’t feel judged during our sessions. This enabled me to open up and be more honest than I have ever been before with anyone else (myself included). Simply put, Shirley has helped me. This has resulted in me being able to make connections between my life experiences/reactions from childhood to adult, events/triggers. She has a knack for knowing when to ask the right questions and an ability to uncover issues in a safe and comfortable way. I would recommend her to anyone who feels they need some support in developing their self-care practices


June 2021  Workshop Attendee

I had the opportunity to participate in  the “Power Within” 12 week program which I found both engaging and relevant.

Connecting with all the different women in the group and sharing our thoughts , experiences and the connection, was something I really liked about the program.  

I consider myself a life-student on learning and improving myself. This workshop has me more self-aware and I feel more confident in living my truth.

“Power Within” program was a great experience and it could not have come at a better time. I focused less on the negativity around me, turned my attention on myself, and used the tools I gained to empower me. 

I now have more confidence in setting goals and feel more resilient.


June 2021   Workshop Attendee

I had the opportunity to practice new learning with Shirley’s “Power Within” 12 week workshop. 

It was an excellent program that was very well organized, relevant and easy to follow. The exercises given for homework were very helpful , especially when I could come back to the group and talk about it. This gave me different perspectives and ideas that I may not have thought about for myself.

This program had me setting boundaries where I never had before. I now have a voice and I believe what I have to say is valuable. It surprised me that once I set boundaries and stuck to it, people listened, I was heard.

I practice more self-care which I rarely  did before. I was unaware of how little I did for myself and now I set aside time for my personal needs.

I was able to reflect on what makes me happy and I am now creating those things for myself and making them a priority.

At the end of the program I find myself more confident in setting goals, more resilient and I have clearer direction in my life.

Thank you so much for an excellent program!


April 2022   Workshop Attendee

Shirley’s guidance and wisdom was wonderful to learn from and her empowered energy was lovely to be around and experience. She was very encouraging and understanding of where we were all coming from.  The breakout rooms helped me feel more connected with the women that are on the same healing and self-empowering journey as I am. 

Just how liberating and empowering it is to really sit with yourself, get to know yourself and set boundaries.  And how getting clear about who I am, how my values and feelings have helped me get more focused and clearer about how I want my life to be and not to be. 





September 2022   Coaching Client

I had the opportunity of taking part in a year-long intensive coaching program, led by  the organization Up With Women. I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for having Shirley as my coach.

From early on in my childhood, I was suppressing my emotions. I was always scared to speak out or stand up for myself, and I often questioned the validity of my own feelings. This way of living stayed with me, it’s all I knew.  It wasn’t until I started coaching that I realized how much I had been suppressing over the years, and all the different ways it was affecting me. My eyes were finally starting to open and I became excited about creating a change in my life.

Shirley helped me to see that running away from emotions only holds me back and she  gave me the push and support I needed to look within and begin the work on myself that I desperately needed. Shirley asked all the right questions to get me to see I had the answers all along, I just needed to look within, allow myself to truly feel everything I had been running away from, and that’s when the growth began.

Throughout this journey, I have discovered myself. I have a better sense of what I want and don’t want out of life. I have learned things about myself,  good and bad and I’m so grateful for it because I’m learning from it.

It’s vital to our growth that we look within and do the work on ourselves. Everything starts with you.


December 2022   Workshop Attendee

Shirley created a very engaging and open space for all participants by welcoming their experiences and sharing her own. There were a lot of times when I found myself reflecting on my patterns and behaviours in relationships, how I was being treated and what I could do to make it better for myself.  The homework is an essential part of the program.  The program did make me feel that the power to create a better life for myself is really within.