Second or Third Act

By: Shirley Gaudon

Most of us have at least one or more acts left in our lives. Take myself for example, I’m building a Life Coaching career and doing this at over the age of 60 and who says we have to retire at 65? And honestly, what does retirement look like anyway? To me, retirement means doing something that I love and is making a difference for other and my community.

Looking to make a change in your life can bring about many different emotions such as fear, anxiety and uncertainty. How do we get past that? Finding the right support can guide us to see the things we cannot see. Sometimes it can show up in a friend, coach or family member.

For quite some time, I was looking for something that would lead me to another career when the time comes. I tried many things such as multi-level marketing, the travel industry, health products, real estate brokerage, but there was always something missing for me.

On my journey to move beyond trauma and discover myself, I found myself a coach and did the work necessary to find myself again and discover the direction I wanted to take my life. It was then I realized all the other things didn’t really work for me because the passion was missing. Another thing that held me back was the thought that I had to have a partner to take on something new.

Boy was I wrong!

After being honest with myself, I realize that I’ve always loved being around people and enjoy listening to their stories and adventures. People have always gravitated towards me so choosing to be a Life Coach was a natural progression and in part being curious about people, life and nature also fits into this passion.

Are you curious enough to discover what your next ACT might be?


Shirley Gaudon