Dating over 50!

By: Shirley Gaudon

Who would have thought of the prospect of dating again after 20 or 30 years of marriage and raising children while also maybe maintaining a career or staying at home to raise the kids? But things happen. Life happens and either way the idea of dating again may seem daunting!

Dating was different in my day-you either met in school, university or through family and friends and everyone seemed to have the same end goal in sight which was marriage and a family. Now that all of that has been accomplished (throw in a divorce or maybe two) and we find ourselves asking the questions, “What does dating look like now, am I interested in remarriage,” or “Do I just want to spend time getting to know who I am while I enjoy the company of another person?”

Then there is the Big question- “How do I meet people?” One would think that the social media age would make that easier. Well, in a way it has, but it’s also made us aware and cautious. Back in the day, we met people face to face so we could get a better sense of who the other person was. Now in today’s world, we have to weed through their profiles, review their pictures and hope that they are recent or worse; even the same person! There are many stories of scams that will spin a very nice sob story.

Covid hasn’t helped with this either….

Don’t get me wrong it’s not all doom and gloom. I’ve met some very nice people online and some are still friends today. However, after many different attempts on dating sites, I realized that I still had much to learn about myself and what I wanted out of the next stage of my life.

Until I did that work, creating a profile of who I was and what I was looking for only attracted people that didn’t fit the environment that I was creating.

One thing I know for sure about myself is that I love learning and it was on these types of websites and apps that I met some amazing people, like-minded people that were also looking for answers, energizing their minds, exploring activities and creativity!

There’s a lot to explore, don’t be shy! Go out on a date and you’d be surprised by what you might discover!

Shirley Gaudon