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Alone but NOT Lonely!

Every Woman and even Men should be okay with being alone. Our culture seems to feel that if a women is alone, there must be something wrong with her and to be honest, if a...

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Sexuality Over 50!

Over the age of 50 most women will find themselves in menopause and unfortunately, most women think their sex life is over or soon will be. I feel society has conditioned us to think that...

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Oh…I’m too old!

A statement that is all too familiar. Even though I don’t believe I’m old, I have heard myself say these very words.  Many think that reaching 50 means we have to stop living or get...

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Second or Third Act

By: Shirley Gaudon Most of us have at least one or more acts left in our lives. Take myself for example, I’m building a Life Coaching career and doing this at over the age of...

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Dating over 50!

By: Shirley Gaudon Who would have thought of the prospect of dating again after 20 or 30 years of marriage and raising children while also maybe maintaining a career or staying at home to raise...

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Divorce Coach

George is not going to Boca By Stacey Mendelson – Divorce Coach I have provided a lot of instruction and advice on avoiding mistakes in divorce. Today I want to abandon all wisdom and share...

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