As a Trauma Coach my focus is for you to become self-aware and powerful in your life.

                            “Everything Starts with You.” ~ Shirley Gaudon

My Story

Pain, Shame and Trauma are part of my story as well. 

My childhood was tough and that continued into my adult life. After years of abuse and dealing with a toxic marriage, I finally realized that something had to change and asked myself: “Why do I continue to attract such pain into my life?”

I knew there was more to my life than enduring all this pain, so I embarked on a quest for healing and empowerment. My journey began with personal education programs, a coach, group workshops and accredited coaching courses. 

Now I’m a Trauma Coach, as my desire to contribute to others grew from all the learning and self-discovery I experienced in my own healing and continuous journey of self-reflection. 

I am also a Board and Committee member for a not-for-profit where we develop programs and build outreach into the community that provide wellness and empowerment for women who face adversity.